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Some people view being single during the holidays as the end of the world. The truth is, being single during the holidays gives you the opportunity to create a new beginning and focus on the world you imagine for yourself. If you are single during this holiday season, take time to refresh, reconnect and recommit yourself.

Refresh: Whether your last relationship ended three hours, three weeks, or three months ago, chances are it took something out of you. Now is the time to find your center and work on getting some of that energy you willfully gave up back. Take time away from the hustle of the holiday season to heal and focus on you. This could mean reading all the books you’ve said you wanted to but didn’t have time. It may mean spending some quality time at the gym or simply more time in silence and meditation. Whatever it looks like for you, refresh yourself with what fills you with peace and joy. This prepares you to be in sound mind, body and spirit for the next courtship. It will make you a better you for you and for your next him.

Reconnect: In addition to refreshing and reintroducing yourself to you, the holiday season is the perfect time to reengage with family, friends and former colleagues. While you might not be dating someone special, there are a number of people who think you are special. Those people would value spending time catching up with you. Quality phone calls, coffees and shopping trips with people at this time of year present chances to bond with those you care about. Show them how much they mean to you and seize this opportunity before life has you in the fast and furious dating lane again. Many of your favorite charities may also be looking for volunteers to help this season. Calling your preferred organization and finding out how you can be of assistance would be an important contribution. Get more out of your volunteer activity by reconnecting with a cause that's bigger than you are and matters most to you.

Recommit: Once you begin to feel rejuvenated and interested in returning to the dating scene, look back and honestly assess your last relationships. Take a good look at the role you played in all of the successes and failures. Recommit yourself to doing all of the positive things you did to keep the lines of communication open and the relationships going. Also affirm that you will be equally as diligent in not bringing previous bad habits into a new relationship. In every failed relationship that you have had there is one common denominator—you! While we would all like to think we're perfect, none of us are; and sometimes the denial of our own imperfections hinder us from building healthy and sustainable relationships with others. Being candid about your problems is a major step toward finding and living the solutions to them. Recommit to doing the work that is necessary for you and your future partner.



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